Online Affiliate

Trader Affiliates is the official affiliate program of trading platform. If you are dealing with any online marketing activity this program suites you. ITRADER Affiliates has established a reputation of efficiency in analyzing and monetizing its affiliates traffic to maximize earning to the highest possible revenue on their referrals.

IB – Introducing Broker

The term IB is given to a person or a company who introduces new clients to a financial broker and is remunerated for that. You can become an Introducing Broker at ITRADER and for each trader you refer, you will receive revenue as long as your trader keeps trading with ITRADER.

Money Manager

Money Managers with an existing clients portfolio that seek professional one stop shop solution to manage their clients’ funds should look no further. Partnering with offers you the technology, execution and support to help you manage all your clients’ funds using a user friendly manager platform while increasing your potential revenues.

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