ITRADER Affiliates commission programs provides its partners with customized and flexible commission such as CPA, CPL, CPM, fixed fee, parent affiliate or combination of these models – all of which will style to suit your needs.


Enjoy the freedom and flexibility offered by ITRADER to choose among the listed CPA deals that work for you:


  • Fixed payments for every First Time Deposit

  • Scaled payments that are based on the amount during the First Time Deposit
  • Increase in payment structures based on the number of clients Payments that are determined by which country the traffic was originated from.


CPM is a payment model, where the price is set per one thousand impressions for an ad unit, e.g. showing a single ad banner to the thousand visitors.

CPM value depends on the number of visitors on advertising platform, on the number of supposed direct contacts with the announcement, and on the cost of advertising for a specific unit of time.

It is fixed payment for thousand impressions, where the agreed fee is paid each time an ad is displayed.


CPL (cost per lead) represent fixed payments for every potential client who registers for account opening at ITRADER.

Fixed Fee

Model of remuneration in a form of a flat fee for a specific time period(week/month/quarter/year)during which the affiliate promotes ITRADER’s business, name, products or services.


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