ITRADERaffiliates, the official affiliate program of ITRADER, is a well-established and highly profitable affiliate program on the Forex and CFD market. We handsomely reward our partners for traffic they refer to us. We offer multiple commission programs that fit each affiliate’s profit goals. For more details, you are invited to visit our contact page.

Absolutely not. You will not have to pay a fee of any sort to become a member of our affiliate program.
Companies and private persons older than 18.
TRADER affiliates is the specialised affiliates program of Hoch Capital Ltd, a regulated Cyprus Investment Firm, operating under CySEC license 198/13. Regulation is crucial in this business since it offers traders a true sense of security while trading through our platforms. We follow stringent safety of funds and information security protocols. As part of that, we make sure that Clients’ funds are fully segregated from the Company’s funds to ensure that in the unlikely event of insolvency, clients’ funds will not be used to pay off creditors.
Of course. A personal affiliate manager will work closely to you providing you with guidance and assistance while making sure you will maximize your traffic.

All you need to do is Click Here and enter your personal details. It is important that you provide as much information as possible since it will enable us later on to offer you a deal that will optimally fit your marketing methods and profit goals based on our services.

After you filled out the registration form, an affiliate manager will contact you. You can choose whether you want to receive a CPA or REVENUE SHARE commission.

The moment, your account is activated, you will be able to sign in to the ITRADERaffiliates’ website with your username and password.

Please note that your account will not be activated until you agree on a commission structure with your affiliate manager. Should you like to rush the activation of your account, please send us an email message or write us via the contact us page.
A website is a major marketing tool, but it is not the only one. In other words, it is a plus but not a must. There are alternative tools that are effective as well, such as PPC, email marketing, educational campaigns, social campaigns, offline marketing and more.

Upon becoming an affiliate of ITRADERaffiliates, you benefit from an extensive list of marketing materials put at your disposal. This list consists of referral links, banners (that come in a variety of sizes for ITRADER.COM languages both for desktop and mobile), landing pages, mailers, SEO content and more. Your affiliate manager can recommend the best materials based on your target audience.

We put at your disposal highly sophisticated yet easy to read marketing analytical and reporting tools which will enable you to track your performances accurately.
Please click on the “forget password” on the login box. If you encounter any difficulty, turn to your affiliate manager or to our affiliate support team through the contact us page.
The answer is yes. It is important to understand that you will not be able to get your commission without this information. There are several payment methods from which you can choose based on your personal preferences.
We will pay your commission via Wire Transfer, Skrill or directly into your trading account.
You can provide payment information later on. However, take into account that if we do not have the necessary details, we will not be able to perform a monthly payment. You will have to wait for a whole month till the next payment date arrives.
We pay commission by the 15th of the month for previous month results.
This rarely happens. If you do encounter any problem regarding your payment, turn to your affiliate manager. In the majority of the cases, any delay in payment is a result of incomplete details in our systems. Please check again and make sure that all your payment details were provided in full. Once all the necessary details are provided, you will get the missing payment on the next payment date the following month.
By and large, commissions are positive. However there is a slight possibility that your commission will become negative on a particular day on two occasions: 1) Your commission is based on CPA and the customer you referred to us decided to do chargeback or was caught committing a fraud. If that is the case, the previous commission you got from introducing the customer will be subtracted from your current commission. 2) If your commission is based on Revenue Share and your customers’ total bonuses and chargebacks on a particular day were higher than the spreads traded by them, your commission might end up in the negative zone.
If you refer others to ITRADERaffiliates, you will be entitled to a parent affiliate commission. You will have to use the Sub Affiliate Link. For more details, turn to your affiliate manager.
For further information not covered by this FAQ, write us through the contact us page. If you have already registered for ITRADERaffiliates, turn to your affiliate manager.